Close-up Images of Gold Basin (L4) Sample 

Sample of 44gram Gold Basin (L4) meteorite exhibiting twin regmaglypts and relict fusion crust. Bottom side is still coated in desert caliche. (Scale is in centimeters).
A corner of the above specimen ground down and polished to form a "window" into the interior. Apparently the finder of this specimen, in order to confirm identification, took a file to his find to expose metal fleck. I cleaned up the file marks by grinding and polishing a flat spot. This "window" clearly exhibits metal fleck, troilite, and chondrules that are up to 2mm in diameter. Caliche lines the bottom side between the flat surface and the ruler. (Scale is in centimeters)
Image of a photomicrograph of the polished corner of the above specimen. This image clearly displays the metal flecks, troilite, and chondrules that average 1.0 mm in diameter. (Mag. X60)

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