DATE: 2/22/98


SUBJECT: Gold Basin failure


Hello all! I went to Gold Basin on Thursday and had quite an adventure. Unfortunately I got skunked! I only was able to search for about 8 hours before that damn El Niño crap caught up with me and turned the entire area into a cold muddy quagmire! I had to abandon my search and plans to camp out and head for the warmth and sins of drinking and gambling in Laughlin Nevada.

I made the 800 mile round trip from Tucson with the hopes of returning from Gold Basin with a carload of meteorites but came home with little more to show for my efforts than an empty wallet (stupid Roulette table!) an photos of a cool tornado which formed in front of me near Phoenix!

Anyone who plans to go to Gold Basin I warn you now to take any supplies you need and plan well ahead for this far off place! Oh well, maybe spring break I'll have better luck!

Mike Farmer