DATE: 2/19/98


SUBJECT: What gives?


From the Bolidechasers webpage on Gold basin:


>As a result of the recent interest in the Gold Basin "fossil" strewn

field (Baalke, 1998) on the Mailing

List and at Tucson, this page was intended to be a travelers guide to

the Gold Basin site. But after

my return from my reconnaissance trip, I found an e-mail from Professor

David Kring requesting that

I avoid the site in order to maintain its scientific integrity. Earlier,

I had requested detailed information

from Prof Kring in an e-mail, but I went on a job-related trip before I

got his reply. After I finished

my work, I took a side trip to recon Gold Basin. While at Gold Basin, I

encountered numerous

prospectors. Not only did I run into the Desert Gold Diggers of Tucson

(prospecting for gold), but I

also encountered other clubs from Utah and Washington! All this activity

on a weekday with a

serious threat of rain. Come the weekends in May, they'll need a parking

lot and a shuttle for all the




Hmmm....The U of A issues a press release saying they've found this huge,

ancient strewn field in the middle of prospector central, then the

finder says, "If you find anything give the info to Dr. Kring at the

UofA", then Dr. Kring says don't go there, because you might compromise

the scientific integrity of the site.

I'm a bit disconcerted. What gives? I was all primed with my GPS, 7.5'

maps, ziplock baggies and notebook to go a huntin', and I sent email to

Dr. Kring stating just that and asking for suggestions on where to look

and for instructions on how he would like the finds documented. I did

not receive a reply.

It seems to me that the UofA is missing a great opportunity to have a

dedicated, enthusiastic bunch of people do a ton of fieldwork that would

otherwise take decades. With minimal guidance, and at no cost. I

realise I don't have much experience with documenting the fall pattern

of ancient meteorite strewnfields, but I can follow directions (e.g.: Find

meteorite. Note size, location, depth, soil, etc. Put in bag. Mark bag.

Mark map (same#as bag). Repeat as necessary. Send info to UofA) and I

would think I could do as good a job as "The Desert Gold Diggers".


This is not intended as criticism toward anyone (and thanks to

bolidechaser for the informative web page), but rather is intended to

clarify this matter in the hopes that scientist and meteorite

enthusiasts can work together.