SUBJECT: Private Property within Gold Basin Strewnfield Area
AUTHOR: Robert S Verish at Gateway
DATE: 4/13/98 12:08 PM
TO: at Internet

Just wanted to reiterate John's comment about "trespassing" -

The Gold Basin Meteorite Strewnfield Web Site in no way condones or promotes trespassing
on private property in this area. It has been brought to my attention that the following sections
in the White Elephant Wash area of Gold Basin are also PRIVATE PROPERTY:

Sections 15, (21), 23, 29, 27, 33, and 35, of T29N and R18W as depicted on the Garnet Mt. NW,
and Gold Basin Quadrangles.

This list is not all inclusive and, as the strewnfield grows, more private property and/or areas
in which mineral rights have been claimed or incorporated will be encountered. It is incumbent upon
each meteorite hunter/prospector to determine property status before entering an area.

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Date: 4/3/98 8:58 AM

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Subject: Gold Basin strewn field

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For Sale By Owner right in the middle, originally 160 acres . Only 120

acres left, mostly unhunted. Minimum parcel 20 acres . Available at

$1000.00 US per acre.Seller financing available, this offer is not a

license to trespass. I can be reached in the evening at (520)325-8585

John Blennert