EUREKA! - Found my first meteorite -
did I hear someone say,
"Show me the
Bolidechaser's 2nd Trip to Gold Basin
February 26-28, 1998
Gold Basin Meteorite (L4) Strewnfield
Mohave County, Arizona

Bolidechaser's Trip Log:

Hallehluyeah! Forgive this "newbie" his celebration, but a life long goal has been achieved.
I found my first meteorite! If you would like to see some pictures of the "kids", click HERE!
Jim Kriegh has confirmed that this new data (my finds) will be added to his (the) field map.
This is particularly good news to me, since it was the aim of these web pages to foster and develop
cooperation between amateurs & professionals in the field.

Please Report Your Finds

Information should include, but doesn't have to be limited to:

  • Longitude and Latitude of find location.
  • If not certain, then an "X" on a copy of a map will suffice.
  • Mass (approximate weight).
  • Depth of burial.
  • Anything notable about the find site.
  • Any interesting feature about the meteorite.
  • etc.

For more information about how to report the location and masses of your finds,
contact Prof. Jim Kriegh,
mail: 40 E Calle Concordia, Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
phone: (520) 297-4161
fax: (520) 297-4161 (same as above)

If you want images of your finds to be included on this web site
please call me at, (626) 584-7653, or email me at:

Prof. Jim Kriegh confirms my meteorite find to be Gold Basin (L4)!

Met some members of the Tucson Desert Gold Diggers. Apparently, at least one of them made a
respectable find, over towards the south side of Gold Basin Ranch. Also, I met a local.
He stopped his truck while I was metal detecting to ask, "What's with all this activity here
these past few weeks? Did someone strike a Glory Hole?" Since the other field workers were
keeping a tight lip I had to shrug my shoulders. He must have wondered what was taped to
the end of my "walking stick" (a magnet)! Finally on the last day, one of the Desert Gold Diggers,
John Blennert, broke the ice and told me about how many meteorites he and his fellow field
workers had found. He suggested going in the direction of Nevada, but that two things would pose
a barrier to going in that direction. 1)The Lake Mead National Recreational Area, and even before
you get there, 2)his private property! Apparently, the longitude and the latitude for the centroid
of the strewnfield, as published in the Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 82 , lies within his property,
that being the entire Section 21. So please, no prospecting on John's property.

Views during the trip from Meadview to Gold Basin on the 2nd day.

Looking north towards Meadview where the road to the Western Grand Canyon meets Pierce Ferry Rd. at the 4000' level of the pass.
From the same spot but looking east towards the Grand Cliffs. The most western extention of the Mogollan Rim of the Colo. Plateau!
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