May 15, 1998

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Holbrook Finds - Made by Bolidechaser

If you would like to show off your Holbrook (or Adamana) finds on this page, then feel free to email me at the address at the bottom of this page, and I will see that it is posted. If you wish to remain anonymous, confidentiality is guaranteed. Dealers who don't have their own web site are welcome, too!

Specimen ID. Image Description/Location
H98122-RSV1 My first find, and it's one of the few complete individuals (~90% fusion crust). Most finds averaged ~4 mm. These first 8 finds weren't made until after I got back to the motel room and required the use of a very good hand lens. These images were taken through a 14x lens.
H98122-RSV1 Zoom IN of the above image - note cracks in the fusion crust on the right side of this specimen.
H98122-RSV1 Zoom IN, again - where the missing crust is missing, chondrules can be seen.
H98122-RSV1 Final Zoom IN - shows the interior of this "micro" meteorite.
H98122-RSV2 Fragment with chondrules in high relief.
H98122-RSV2 Zoom IN.
H98122-RSV2 Zoom IN, again - depicts chondrules up to 1mm in diameter.
H98122-RSV2 Final Zoom IN - close up of one of the chondrules.
H98122-RSV2 Thumbnail image.
H98122-RSV4 Fragment of fusion crust.
H98122-RSV5 An end piece. There is fusion crust on the back side of this specimen, as well.
H98122-RSV5 Another view, but with different lighting.
H98122-RSV6 Another fragment of fusion crust. As is typical with Holbrook specimens, certain larger chondrules poke through the fusion crust to produce a wart-like texture.
H98122-RSV6 Same view, but with different lighting.
H98122-RSV7 The only image of this end-piece specimen. Nice chondrules!
Specimen ID. Image Description/Location
H98123-RSV10 Another fragment.
H98123-RSV10 Same view, but with different lighting.
H98123-RSV11 Another fragment.
H98123-RSV11 Same view, but with different lighting.
H98123-RSV12 Another fragment.
H98123-RSV12 Same view, but with different lighting.
H98123-RSV13 Another fragment.
H98123-RSV13 Same view, but with different lighting.
H98123-RSV14 Another fragment.
H98123-RSV14 Same view, but with different lighting.
Specimen ID. Image Description/Location

Holbrook Finds - weathered - no fusion crust

This next section is for those finds of mine that have no evidence of fusion crust. My theory is that the variation in preservation/weathering of Holbrook meteorites is related to what kind of soil it sat in. If it sat in the sandy, topmost portion of the soil, preservation would be likely. If it sat on an alkali hardpan or was washed down into a salt flat, the fusion crust would devitrify and the native metal would corrode.

Specimen ID. Image Description/Location
H98123-RSVnn Another fragment.

Holbrook Wannabes - NOT an L6 - probably meteorwrongs(?)

This next section is for those finds of mine that would require further testing in order to prove that they are meteorites, let alone Holbrook (L6)'s. For the time being, I'm calling them Holbrook Wannabes:

Specimen ID. Image Description/Location
H98122-RSV03 Without testing it will be hard to convince me that this is a meteorite, but if it is, it's probably NOT an L6!.
H98122-RSV03 Zoom IN.
H98122-RSV03 Same surface, but different lighting.
H98122-RSV03 Close UP - ~14x.
H98122-RSV03 Reverse side.
H98122-RSV08 An end piece fragment(?), but I don't think that's fusion crust, I don't clearly see any chondrules, and the interior is too dark.

Show Us Your Holbrook Finds - submit images of your finds HERE!

This next section is for those who would like to submit images of their Holbrook (or Adamana) finds to this page:

Specimen ID. Image Description/Location
any ID No. A description of your find would go here. In case you have specimens for sale or trade, your name and email address or URL could go here, as well! For example, Mike Farmer's GB Page
e.g., GBdate-## If you have an image of your find, a description of what is depicted on that image could go here.
or, GB-Lang-No# Depth of burial, or a description regarding the conditions of the surface at the site of recovery would be appreciated. An image of that site could go here.
**MAP** If you think you made a find outside of the strewnfield, then an image of a topo map with an "X" on it, marking the spot of your find location, would be important.

Images are by Bolidechaser.
This page dedicated to Michael Blood for sharing his knowledge, especially the proper location of this strewnfield.

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