NOTE: The determination of the size of this strewn field and of the parent meteoroid is an on-going research study being conducted by the University of Arizona, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.
This scientific endeavor will be compromised if information relating to any meteorite found in this strewn field area, is not directed to:
Lead Field Worker: Jim Kriegh
, email - JKriegh@email.msn.com.

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Welcome to the new, improved Gold Basin Meteorite Strewn Field web site, complete with Frames!

This page has evolved from being an aid for travelers going to the strewnfield site, to becoming a bulletin board on which can be posted descriptions/images and locations of the latest meteorite finds made by any meteorite hunter lucky enough to make a find in this Mohave Co., Arizona, meteorite strewnfield. In this manner each person making a report becomes a volunteer member of the group of field workers, lead by Prof. Jim Kriegh, in their scientific endeavor to study this meteorite strewnfield. This web site then becomes a conduit for this data to go directly to Jim Kriegh and his database, and eventually his map.
On my last trip to the strewnfield it became quite apparent that most of the meteorite hunters are members of the Meteoritecentral Mailing List discussion group. Every one of my fellow news group members has expressed a keen interest in contributing to the effort to determine the extent of this strewnfield, its age, and the size of the parent meteoroid. Accordingly, it has been mentioned to me by Jim Kriegh, that each of these members have reported the amounts and locations of their finds to him.
Any person making a Gold Basin Meteorite find and wishing not to compromise the on-going scientific study, is given the opportunity through this web site to report this pertinent information, even anonymously!
Please report all finds and the above information, as soon as possible, to:
Professor Jim Kriegh,
mail: 40 E Calle Concordia, Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
phone: (520) 297-4161
email: JKriegh@email.msn.com.

If you want images of your finds to be included on this web site
please email me at:
or mail your images on a diskette to:
P.O. Box 237, Sunland, CA 91040

My GUESTBOOK is ready to take your messages!

This frame last updated: 2000 December 24
Note: information contained here is not an official product of the University of Arizona.